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AMA Recap — June 12, 2023

I do apologize for the recording quality on the previous couple ones. Hoping that this does work. It seems that Twitter Spaces had some issues.

We only had three questions come through the previous week. So, I will just answer those for you again now.

If there are any more questions that come up during the week, please feel free to ask on social media. We can answer them then and there, or we can always answer them the following Monday. So, always just feel free to ask your questions and we will do our best to answer them.

The first question that came through was regarding the burn mechanism.

When will the burn be live?

This is a good question. I have answered this a few times before, and I don’t think the answer has changed. The burn is not going to go live, obviously, until it has an actual effect on the tokenomics structure. So, once the revenue has increased, and once the burn numbers are actually going to have an impact, then we will put it into action.

A realistic timeframe is not going to be before Q3, so don’t expect it to be in the next month. It could be Q4 even.

The thing to remember is that the Polker DAO will allow votes on burning $PKR separately. So, that’s something that can be considered but the buyback and burn can be, at the earliest Q3, but don’t expect it before that.

Also, G P asked last week, “How many users were registered in the referral program?”

Unfortunately, due to the way Epic Games has their backend set up, the only numbers we have are users that registered. I have 186 users that have registered and that have logged for 7 days in total. Unfortunately, I don’t have a number of exact registrations. We are trying to work that out from the backend. However, Epic Games is locking daily count. So it’s 184 (186 sic) that have logged in 7 days — doesn’t have to be consecutive days — since the user registration code.

I will try and get the exact number of people who have registered. Although, I would imagine the people that have registered and played is actually a more significant number.

So, yes, keep giving the referral codes out, guys. Remember, there’s a lot more Spades to be earned now. It’s much easier to get in-game currency by referring people. They do not have to make any purchases, all they have to do is register. And also, there is a chance to actually earn NFTs in the referral system. So, it is worth doing! We have set out to make it useful for the users. Fun for you, and also good for the person you’re referring. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Salvo asked, “Given and considering that the team has not yet used its tokens as already mentioned several times. Considering the situation of the momentary capital (and not knowing what the team’s remaining budget is, and when they will need to use it) does the team think they are in a worrying situation? Is the team thinking of speeding up the times on some aspect, perhaps sooner than necessary before the situation can escalate? Or is everything ok? Any encouraging words would be appreciated.”

This question has been asked a few times as well. No, we are not selling $PKR. But, yes, capital-wise, we have enough funding for now. We’re at the point where the MVP is fully built. So, we are semi-actively looking for investment. It’s not a be-all-end-all at this point in time.

We want to make sure that if someone came on board, that they would be the right person. Towards the end of the year, we may be more open but as it stands right now, we will continue development as planned. If the right investor comes along, it’s not something we’re against. We do have enough remaining capital to continue development at this point in time.

J L asked, “If the market cap drops to almost nothing or zero, will the project still continue to develop the game?”

The answer, simply, is yes. However, it would be very difficult for a token to drop to zero.

Please remember that $PKR and Polker — although heavily tied together — are not the same thing. You know, just like Matic and Polygon Labs. Their token and the company are two separate things. Their Polygon Labs have their own dollar value as a company. And Matic has its own market cap. The market cap of Matic token is not the value of Polygon.

And, that’s the same with $PKR — the market cap of $PKR and the value of Polker as a game are two separate things. They’re separate entities. We are not owning them or controlling them. So, I know many people are looking at it like the token is the company — this is simply not the case. We’re a gaming company that has blockchain elements and $PKR is the token that powers the game.

But if by any chance $PKR falls to zero, the game would continue to develop. Is that a possibility? I would say it’s almost in the realm of actual impossibility.

These were the only questions that we had come through this week. I do hope that this recording actually works. As usual, please feel free to ask questions on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. I will be here on Monday at 3PM UTC and will be answering questions again that will come up. So, please just put them through on our Socials.

Have a lovely week and we’ll speak to you guys then!

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