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Polker is a blockchain based Play-to-Earn Poker game built on Unreal Engine 5 that allows players from all over the world to earn NFTs whilst playing poker!

Ultimately, our mission is to create the most impressive, immersive, and explosive poker platform in existence – whilst at the same time integrate both crypto and NFTs!

We aim to achieve this mission by adding the fundamental logic of poker, designing amazing and entertaining graphics, and ensuring it is both challenging and exciting for all players. At the same time as being a great experience, it also allows players to earn NFTs. By doing this, Polker is not just about poker anymore, it’s about giving the players the ability to earn incredible awards whilst the level up through the game.

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Roadmap V2

Polker Prototype Showcase at Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, CA USA
Researching, Planning and Pre-Development
Patent Issued, no.10,867,474 from USPTO
Start Up summit in Malta, ranked top 10.
Platform Development Patent Issued, no.10,586,427 from USPTO
Patent Pending no: 17/094,003 Patent Pending no: 17/110,799
Celebrity Endorsement (Akon) CEX Listing (BitMart) Polygon Grants + Partnership Chainlink Integrations Quinel Pen Testing Integration Polycon 2021 Added to Master Ventures Portfolio Staking Live (ERC)
“Testnet” Game Release (Beta 1, 2 and 3) CEX Listing Bittrex CEX Listing MEXC Staking Live (BSC)
Early Access Roll Out Bespoke NFT Marketplace Live Limited Exclusive NFT Sale NFT LA Conference
AIBC Toronto Conference Early Access Updates
Unreal Engine 5 Migration New Website Release Buy Back & Burn Annoucement
Mini Game Development Public Game Release!
Mobile Development (Android & iOS) Official Merchandise Store Roll Out Game Update

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