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Good morning and good afternoon and welcome to another AMA with Polker. It’s Conor here again! I will be just giving you guys a few minutes to join live. We have quite a few questions that have come in on Social Media — so I’ll be doing my best to answer those for you. I hope everyone has had a good weekend! So, we’ll just give it a couple of minutes and I’ll begin to answer the questions that have come through.

So, let’s just begin with the questions that had already come through here. So the first question here — I don’t have a name; if you sent this, I do apologize — so, the question is regarding staking:

How will the new token affect staking? Will anything be changed to the reward pool as in more tokens allocated for the reward pool?

The exact mechanics of how the staking will work regarding allocation — I don’t have, precisely. I expect that the current plan we have right now is to increase the APY at least for the initial 3 months. Regarding distribution, you’ll be able to claim the token through the wallet that’s staking it. You do not need to unstake the current token. If you have them staked, you can either unstake them or leave them. But if you had them staked to the point of snapshot, you will be able to claim them through the portal.

We will launch a new staking pool on Polygon POS which will obviously have the live $PKR version. So, I expect that we will increase APY for at least the initial 3 months. After that, I don’t have a full roadmap on that. But that is the current plan.

So, we got a question here from the same person again. And that is, Where does Polker as a company see itself in say 3 years time. After the main game is flawed out, will you move to different related projects and casino type games? And will PKR as a token be used for such projects?

That’s a really good question. We have covered this a bit — maybe not so much recently. Yes, Polker is going to be the initial game. It’s just poker as it is. It’s a Play-to-Earn NFT Social Casino Adventure game. That’s the one we’re launching on the Epic Games Store coming the end of September.

Following that, we’re going to continue developing that to make sure that we have it across at least 4 platforms — so that’s iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and potentially reach out to more. Even potentially going to consoles as well. Obviously, that has to support Epic Games Store and things like Xbox, etc.

But then, after that, what we’re looking at is — you know, we don’t want to be just one game — to be more of a game studio, rather than a single game. So, the initial movement after Polker being released will be the Polker fun minigames. Minigames will probably be on mobile or in browsers only. Not downloadable/installable for computers, at least.

And the plan, as it stands right now, is to make sure these games are where you will be able to earn $PKR tokens by playing. So, these are just small games where you can just log in whenever you want to play for two minutes, three minutes, or ten minutes. You will get benefits if you have things like the Polker NFTs earned in the main game. So, if you’re holding them, maybe you’ll be able to play for longer, or you will get more access per day, or a bigger multiplier. So, there are going to be benefits for still playing the main game on the minigames, too — to earn $PKR. But it’s not going to be exclusive, so we do want to make sure there’s a positive feedback loop. We don’t want to make it completely mutually exclusive.

Keep an eye out for that! We are looking at ideas. We do have some good things in the pipeline. Obviously, right now, with the current situation of the token, there’s a lot of focus on that. And the coming launch on the Epic Games Store. So, I would say development on that is not going as fast as we would have liked but also, we’re not behind on time. But roadmap-wise, that’s still where it was. So, yeah, we are looking forward to having that and that we’ll have $PKR as an earnable token within the ecosystem.

And following on, we have quite a few questions from G P. Always appreciate the questions! They never come in 1s or 2s. They either come in 4s, 6s or 8s. Today, we got 6! Let me do my best to answer these for all of you.

The first one we’ve got here is: What are your intentions for the PKR token by the end of the year? Do you have any plan for the token in the short term?

Yes. I’ll start with the second part of that question — plan for the token in the short term. And that is to make sure that the claim token contract works as planned. And that everyone has the ability to claim. And that when we have the liquidity added back on to UniSwap, that we enable deposits, withdrawals and trading across the 3 centralized exchanges we’re currently listed on.

Already, that’s quite an extensive task for a very, very short period of time. To be honest, that is kind of what we’re looking at right now. When it comes to the token, I’m not looking much further because we don’t want to have too much oversight on things. One little oversight can be a catastrophe for everyone. I really want to make sure that everything is being done properly — and it is. So, after that, yes — there will be things coming. We will continue the PKR DAO. We will move forward and look at the idea of potential burns. But right now, I would just say that, honestly, my focus — our focus as a company — is just making sure that this is sorted. And then we can begin to move on from this.

And that’s for all of you and for us, as a company, too.

The second question is: Are you trying to make PKR a profitable asset? Will you encourage people to buy and adopt PKR? Do you have a plan for that?

There seems to be a confusion about what $PKR is, what we’re legally allowed to do, and what the difference is between a security and a utility.

Legally, are we trying to make $PKR a profitable asset? No. A hundred percent no. $PKR is a utility token. So, the more uses it has, the profitability you can give it as a user. Us, as a company, are not trying to ‘make’ $PKR a profitable asset, nor are we allowed to promote it as a profitable asset, nor will we do so. Just need to make that clear. We are not advertising $PKR as a security; we are not advertising it as an investment — never has been, and we never have. We don’t allow price discussions — this is very strictly enforced by the US SEC regulations. And they don’t just govern the US, they govern anyone who allows dealing with American citizens. And of course, in a decentralized world, we automatically do!

So, the only answer I can give to this question is no. Do we encourage people to buy it and adopt it? We won’t encourage people to buy it, but we encourage people to adopt it. Definitely. The first part, again, is a breach of regulations. And the plans for that is, yes, we are going to add utility. And one of the biggest ones is going to come a little bit later down the line.

Obviously, we have the PKR DAO, the PKR Foundation, but we will also have those minigames. And I don’t know the exact timeline on that, but that will actually allow people to actually earn $PKR. And as it’s a non-inflationary token, unlike most Play-to-Earn tokens, this is going to give it value that is still going to be set by you — as a secondary market value. But it gives it a potential to have value.

So, I can’t exactly say when it’s going to be up. I can’t advise people to invest; we’re not allowed to. But I just want you to make educated choices. It’s your choice on the investment — always has been, always will be. We’ll be doing our best for the community, for the game, and for the token holders. But that’s all I can say.

Question 3: What are your thoughts on people investing in PKR? Why would it make sense to invest and have invested so far? Does it make sense to keep investing in PKR?

Literally all three of those questions are illegal for me to answer. It’s completely down to you. If you see it as a worthwhile investment, then it’s a worthwhile investment to you. I can’t say “Invest in $PKR, it’s a worthwhile investment!”. I can’t say “Don’t invest in $PKR, it’s not a worthwhile investment!”. $PKR is a utility token. If you see the utility that we are giving it in the future, giving it a potential investment value, then for you, it’s a worthwhile investment. If you don’t, then for you, it’s not a worthwhile investment. That’s the clearest and the on-the-edge-of-legal answer I can say.

We’ll be doing our utmost to add more utility down the line, and it will keep increasing. We won’t be adding a secondary token. We won’t be adding anything like that. So, it’ll only be increasing in utility. However, whether my thoughts on people investing now or in the future, and does it make sense — this is a completely personal thing. And only you can answer that question.

So, sorry I couldn’t give the answer that you wanted. My hands are tied in giving more advice than that. Also, I think, if I had more freedom than I was allowed to say, I’m not in the position to give financial advice to anyone. As a company, we’re not a financial advisory company. I think in any stance, even if legally, we were allowed to say more, we probably wouldn’t. So, I sort of apologize but I hope you understand where we’re coming from with that.

Will you offer discounts for purchases with PKR token? If yes, how will these discounts work?

This has been a discussion on and off for a while. Right now, we just need to get the token live and trading. We potentially will, potentially won’t. We are trying to work it out tokenomics-wise if it would make sense for us to do it. Maybe this is something that goes to the DAO when it’s live and a decision can be made. For the mechanics side of how it works, it would simply be ‘if you click buy with card and it equaled $100, you put $100 and if it would say a 5% discount, it would work out to $95 $PKR at current value.’

From a mechanical side, it would be easy for us to implement. But from a logical standpoint, whether it’s something that you guys want or whether it’s worthwhile for the $PKR community — I think that’s something that we’ll probably put in your hands later on. I can see both sides of whether this is a good idea or not.

For now, yes, it’s very simple for us to do. We have had it live and working. Well, obviously, we don’t have a $PKR token live at the moment so we’ve had to pause that. But yeah, I think that we will put that as a vote in your hands as we move forward.

Question 5 from G P: Do you have a well defined plan to bring the PKR economy up? (Higher volume, more investors, etc.)

This goes back to the same answer I’ve unfortunately happened to give you for two of the other questions. We will be adding more utility. We will be giving more use-cases. We’ll make the token more valuable with the fact that you can be using it for more things. When it comes to the financial value of the token, I can’t give you any direct answers on that. Will we make it a more useful token? Will we bring utility? Yes. That is something I can say that we will be doing. Can I say that we will make it more valuable, that this will increase trading volume, that this will bring in more investors from the token point of view? Legally, I can’t say.

Some of those things would be great. But, at the same time, it’s not something that I can say is gonna happen or we’re going to attempt to do. So, I’ll try not to cross the line too much on that. You can just refer to the answer to questions 2 and 3 for that which I’ve answered.

Question 6: How does the team benefit and will benefit from a rise in PKR Mcap/economy?

To be honest, at this point, we will be looking at the entire allocation of $PKR and how it has been working. We launched the token in June 2021. It is now August 2023. In that time, we have had our tokens unlocked; vested for team, for marketing, various parts and portions that do go back to the team. We have not sold them when it was at $0.60; we have not sold them when it was at $0.01. Okay?

So, at this point in time, I don’t think that needs to be a massive worry for anyone. No, it’s not going to bring a massive benefit because we are not going to be selling them. I will be re-looking at the entire vesting schedule for what’s going where, what’s going to who, how is it working, and bringing a more community feel to it. Again, at this point, my focus on the token is for us — as a company, team, and staff — our focus is not to be making this token work for us, but it is to be making this token work for you.

So, the priority is just getting it fixed, getting this out, and getting trading enabled. I hope you understand that. If we wanted to sell them, we would have already sold them. We have not done it yet, and at this point, I’m not even sure if it will even happen at any point in the future. So, that’s where we stand. It’s so far down on the priority list that I’m not even sure I’d be able to see it if I started scrolling.

I do hope that has answered some of the questions that we got today. Otherwise, that’s about it! So, if we’ve gotten all the questions that have come through, have a great week. If you do have anything come up, ask on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. And if you wanted it answered next week on the AMA, just let the team know.

Have a great week, guys! And we’ll speak to you next Monday!

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