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Hello to everyone. Welcome to another podcast AMA. It is the last Monday of September and somehow, we’ve gotten to this point in the year. We do have quite a few questions that have been posted on social media that will be answered today. If anyone does have anything they want to ask live during this time, we will allow that to be done too. Just give it a couple more minutes, allow people to join, and then we’ll go through the questions that have come up through the week. I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and hopefully I can give you the answers that you are looking for.

We’ve got a few people here. We’ll start with the questions that have come through on socials. Feel free at any point if people want to just ask something here and now. You know you’re more than welcome to do so, we’ll do my best to answer them. We do have questions from GP. GP, thank you. It’s been a while. Whenever you do ask questions, normally they come in a batch and today is no different to usual. So, let’s start with the first one. How about the marketing strategy for the game launch?

So, there’s a little bit of a few cards held close on that one. We do have a few things in the pipeline though, some that I’m probably not in a position to disclose and some that maybe I can. Well, we have a couple of things going on that we’re attending for the game launch, marketing-wise but let me circle back to this one next Monday.

Are there any new features in the game?
I don’t know which features you’re looking at the moment. Obviously, the game’s functionality is working completely now. We do have the full play model working. On our side, we’ve got a lot more obviously on our end than we have on the production end. There are going to be some really cool features coming up so you’re going to find it just being in the game — the speed of everything, latency is going to be a much, much nicer experience, a much easier experience moving between screens and everything. Obviously, the chest — you still have the NTFs, the accessories. Everything will still be working; withdrawals, deposits enabled. I think there are some cool things, new features. We’ll wait for you to see them than give you an actual clue of what they might be.

Will mobile be launched on the 29th as well?

This is a bit it’s not a loaded question. Unlikely. So, on the 29th you will be able to download directly from the Epic Games store that will move directly onto Windows. It’s going to be the exact same build that’s live now from our website. This will be the initial epic build that everyone who is playing from our download will suddenly be able to download that one and be connected on the same server.

With the mobile, there’s obviously other third-party dependencies that we can’t avoid. For iPhone users, I am going to have to say it’s going to be a little bit longer because Apple does take their time. But Android users, it won’t be physically available on the play store on the 29th. With Google, they have a lot of boxes to tick, Is to dot and Ts to cross. But it’s ready and it will only be a couple of weeks at most. Windows release will be on Epic store on 29th. The Android will be available very shortly after that. The Android will probably be available before Mac to be honest at this rate, and then Mac and IO have to follow. The mobile release won’t be exactly on the 29th despite it being ready. We still have to wait for Google to push forward with it. It cannot be quick since we are a poker platform, even though we’re non-gambling, we are a blockchain game so we’re one of the slower ones to go to get through. It may take a little bit longer before you can download it on the Play Store APK-wise. There may be a way around it.

When will staking be available again?

This will be sooner rather than later. Obviously, we will put in new pools. We’re just trying to work out what will be the fairest or what would be the best option for you guys. We will put a Polygon staking pool up. It will probably be during the end of this week or the beginning of next week so just bear with us on that. We’re probably going to put more than we have in the previous pools just for the fact that obviously it’s been a stressful situation for everyone with what happened with Poly Network.

What are the team’s priorities after the launch?

Obviously, the first thing we need to look at is user acquisition. We need to make sure that we have players playing the game. It’s all good and well for us to release a game and have a great product, but if there’s no one there, then there’s absolutely no point. So, marketing user acquisition is going to be the way that we are moving forwards after the launch.

And that’s all of GB’s questions. Thank you. So, we do have three more. The next one here is from Marc. Will any famous/influencer (crypto/poker/p2e world) be involved in the marketing?

We’ve cut ties with a lot. I don’t know if everyone is following the news, but if you do look at things like Ben Armstrong’s case right now, it’s not particularly something that we want anything to be involved with. However, one name, one brand, one company, one person doesn’t speak for the entire industry. So yes, there will be some involved, but it will be much more thought-through perhaps than it was back in the Wild West days of 2021.

The next question here is from Tautvydas. Do you plan to list Polker on other similar platforms after the Epic Games listing? One example would be GameSwift.

As far as I’m aware, GameSwift is more of a web3 aggregate gaming sort of social network. I don’t know whether you can download games directly from there or not. I would need to check on GameSwift itself. The reason we’re going with Epic Games is it is one of, if not the largest provider, downloadable games and the fact that they’re supporting the blockchain side. They have a bunch of regulations but the fact that we can have the blockchain side on Epic Games is a big move forward. Most of you guys are in the crypto community already but we’ve also opened the market to the Epic Gaming store community that is not into crypto blockchain, which is a large demographic. So, things like Game Swift, which are focusing solely on web3 gaming, projects trying to do the same thing — we would happily support them. The ones that have their own token — we need to be careful of. I’d be happy to have a conversation with them first. It’s Epic Games is that we want to have as our hub. We built a game on Unreal Engine that is built by Epic. But it doesn’t mean that that is going to be our only home. You will be able to find us on the Play Store, which is owned by Google. You will be able to find us on the App Store, which is owned by Apple. So of course, we will be looking at other places too.,

And from Bitcoin Baba. Will listing on another CEX after launch still valid and will it be done in October?

We do have exchanges in the pipeline, and it will happen but I can promise you that there will be no listings in the coming couple of months. This is definitely not the right time for coin listings. Will we move forward with other exchanges after the launch? Yes. Will it be directly after launch? No. That might not be the answer that you wanted.

Do we have any questions from anyone who is here listening live? I hope I managed to give fairly clear answers to everything. At least the claiming token portal is still open, so anyone will be able to claim their tokens and that will remain that way. We’re not going to close it. It’s not like we’re going to remove the smart contract so you can continue claiming tokens. If anyone does have any issues or any other questions regarding the tokens or something else, just send a message on Telegram, Discord, Twitter anywhere else. You can either ask for it to be answered then and there or next Monday. Otherwise. I hope everyone has a great week and I will be back here answering hopefully some new questions. We will have some more surprises for you next Monday. Have a good week, guys.

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