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We have had quite a few questions come through, so I’m looking forward to trying to answer them to the best of my knowledge. For all of you who are joining, welcome. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. I know that most of you are passive AMAers who listen to the answers but don’t ask, feel free to make a request and I’ll be happy to answer it.

Let’s start with the questions that have come through here. There’s no name on the first question, so I can’t say who this is coming from. It is a good question that I’ve seen asked quite a few times recently, so I will address it. This is just regarding the accurate market cap of PKR right now. Whoever it was mentioned that there are two different numbers on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

What I can accurately say is both of those numbers are incorrect. I understand there’s a lot of confusion around the market cap at this point in time. I completely understand why due to the fact that we have the claim contract running. There are actually three different claim contracts, even though they’re all one front end. There are three different claim contracts just so those tokens are there, not all of them actually can be claimed. Some of them definitely can’t be, and we know that. However, that completely confused the market cap that you can completely ignore for now. We’re working with Coingecko to try and find an API that can pull a more accurate circulating supply number. So at this point in time, both of those numbers are wrong, so I would ignore them. Once the Coingecko team has come back to us with what they think is a fair way of pulling the numbers, then we can use Coingecko. Hopefully Coinmarketcap can do the same. They’re a little bit less responsive and helpful. I’m not going to say why. However, they’re a large company who have better things to do. With Coingecko, we should be able to have an accurate number up there soon. It’s never going to be exactly precise but it will be at least within a 1% margin of error. So we’ll get that up within the next few days.

The next question is from Salvo. This is an interesting one. Why not test the Dao and verify its democracy benefits?

For example, with the vote to remove revise the tasks of the administrator of the unofficial chat. Since the unofficial chat is no less important, especially now that new users, perhaps uninformed, can fall in the traps of malicious links. Salvo just wants to point out that he’s not the type of person who likes to put the work of others in a bad light. But since he’s made sacrifices to invest in something he feels obliged to.

I really think there is a really valid point. It is named the unofficial channel and it is genuinely an unofficial channel. There is not a single poker staff member who has ever been an admin on that channel. I am there as a member. I’ve never been an admin. None of us have ever been admins. The admin, I believe, is Dan Pan, who is also a community member, has also never been on staff, and his account is restricted. We can’t build our own unofficial price discussion channel because that kind of makes it an official price discussion channel and would defeat the purpose. If anyone in the community wants to build a new one, as long as it’s people that we know actual community members, not just someone who’s just decided to start today, please reach out to us. We’ll happily redirect people to that channel instead. We can’t legally run our own unofficial price discussion channel. If not, I can have a chat with Dan and see if his account is restricted. Anyone with an unrestricted telegram account can make it. Obviously none of our staff can be admins. I know that Dan would definitely be happy to be admin there as well and probably a few of you on this call. Just send us a message and maybe we can make a small group and discuss it but we can’t run it. It’s up to you guys to moderate it. But I do understand that right now, if people are getting scammed there, I’m more than happy for you guys to to move to a new one.

Regarding the DAO, that’s definitely not a use case we can use it for because you can vote but we can’t. Even if you voted yes to do something legally, I’m not allowed. So it’s not a it’s not a great use case.

The next question is sort of a long multi question Most of this is regarding the mobile game. Are we planning on doing marketing around the mobile launch?

Yes, of course we are. There has been some marketing going on slowly at the moment since the Epic Games release. You have seen we had some news pickups, which is nice. We’ve had people speaking to us. I know that there has been some minor YouTube marketing, guerrilla marketing and campaign movement in the background as well with the mobile launch. Yes, it’s going to be a big push once we are live on Android.

Are you planning to gain users from 100 to 1 million and at a time through mobile launch? Is it traditional? I mean, possible?

I don’t completely understand the question. Obviously, we’re not going to go from 100 to 1 million without anything in between. That’s clearly just not how life works. Obviously we want to scale, we will scale and we need to scale carefully and properly. I think our first target that we’re going to aim for is to have 10,000 players registered. I think once we hit that, it is going to be much easier to scale to larger numbers as well. Android is one of those platforms where people download and play a lot. So it’s keeping the game as simple as possible and as fun as possible too for people who want to click play for a little bit or people who want to play for an hour as well. I have been playing it on my phone so it does work through the Google Play console on the admin side. A few things on the UI just need to be fixed, tidied up, so it does look like it’s on track. So It’s going to be a staged marketing grove. We’ll get 10,000 users — that’s going to be the biggest, the hardest, the hardest milestone in getting to 100,000. It’s the same as Binance. To make $100,000 is a much harder problem than to make a million. It’s that first number, that first milestone, the difficult part to get to the next bit. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s easier than the first one. So what we want to do is just have the android out downloadable, playable. We’ll definitely be doing marketing — traditional social media marketing ads, as well as guerilla marketing, influencer ads and social media both on the gaming and blockchain side.

And then our favorite, GP, I know that he’s definitely Joe’s favorite person for the AMA, as usual doesn’t come through with just one question but seven today. So the first one is how far are we from the mobile launch?

Well, we’re definitely the closest we’ve ever been. I’ve had the game up on my phone. When we’re talking about mobile, this is going to be limited to Android first. I don’t think the iOS and Mac will probably end up coming at the same time. The problem is that the Apple Store takes a bit longer. Once the Android game is done, it’ll be very quick to push it out. The Apple Store might take a bit longer. I don’t want to give a definitive deadline because I’ve made that mistake before and I don’t want the backlash saying you gave this date. We are very close to the game, it works fairly well and the problems are very superficial, easy to fix but I don’t want to give a strict time on it right now. It will come out this quarter, that’s for sure. I just don’t want to say a specific time but we’re quite close.

Will the marketplace be integrated with the game? Will it be easy to buy and sell accessories and NFT dealers from the phone?

What you are going to be able to do from your phone is obviously through anything that’s on the play store to use. The play store quickly has to use Google Pay, Google’s, in-app payments. That means you’ll be able to buy Spades directly from the game via the Play Store. This is a legal requirement. Google takes a percentage. When it comes to the NFTs, it will remain as it was before — we’ve never sold NFTs in the game so we wouldn’t be selling them on the mobile either way. The withdrawal will still be done from the desktop version. I believe that on the very first phone release, the one feature that isn’t going to be there will be NFT withdrawal and deposit. It’s a really hard security feature to do that safely on the back end, which can be easily mitigated from a PC. It’s not easy with Android because there are so many different phones. We can’t exactly read how they are running. Apple is going to be much simpler because there’s only one company making Apple phones but with Android, that one aspect is a little bit more complicated. So yes, you’ll be able to buy Spades for the game with no worries. That will all work just with clicks with your phone. The whole game will work exactly the same. For those who can’t install the game, they will have to open a browser, log in, and use the withdraw function from the portal there.

Will the tournament mode be operational with the mobile game released?

No, this is an unfortunate sacrifice of priorities that we’ve had to go through. Should we focus on getting the mobile game out and working or should we focus on the tournament mode? I think that one of the lessons that we have learned is that we have been doing too many things simultaneously instead of focusing on one thing at the same time. So at this point in time, the focus is going to be on mobile. The team that is working on the tournament mode is also on the mobile release. We’re not ignoring the desktop release, we’re just not adding features to it. We’re perfecting the ones we’ve got. Most of the infrastructure of the tournament is there. The architecture has changed a little bit, so it’s much faster right now but I would say the mobile will be released before the tournament mode goes live.

When is the next patch to the PC game?

I would expect this month. I don’t want to promise this month, but definitely this quarter, maybe around the same time as the mobile game.

Will PKR token be tradeable on Uniswap this week?

We’ll be tradable on Uniswap this week. So it’s still just based on the confirmation from Bittrex. The tentative date we were given from their developers was that the Polygon Network will be live on their exchange on the 13th. They still haven’t completely confirmed that. As soon as we can enable it, as soon as they can enable trading, it will go live either on Uniswap or with Sushi Swap. But it will be on the DEX on Polygon at the same time. Let’s say within a week from now, we will be on the DEX.

How far are we from the DAO?

I’ll be completely honest with you. The focus has been a little bit chaotic recently with the hack, the new tokens, the audits, the exchanges and everything else that’s been going on. So I wouldn’t say that we’ve made a huge amount of progress on that. In the end, it’s not a hugely massive undertaking to do. Obviously, the work that has been done has been scratched because I set it all up with two different token contracts on two different blockchains. So that has to be redone on Polygon with a new token. If I’m being optimistic, I’d say it would be done this year. I won’t guarantee it but I still believe that I’ll be able to push it out before the end of the year so we can actually have some votes on things that are weighted, and token weighted as well.

Do you still have plans for the beta NFTs (more in-game benefits)?

Yes, that hasn’t changed — same plans as before.

Will there be marketing to attract players after mobile launch, right? What demographic areas will you tackle the most with marketing for game adoption?

There is marketing to attract players that will come right after mobile launch. Right. What demographic areas will you tackle the most with marketing for game adoption?
So this is a really interesting question. The marketing sort of started now. We started very low key as we’re leading up to the mobile launch but we will push harder afterwards. The limitation has been hardware because the game on Unreal Engine 5 on a computer requires quite high specs. Phones are a completely different beast and we haven’t had enough tests. We haven’t released it so we cannot see what our demographics are actually going to look like. So, we’re going to be pushing on generally international — US, Europe, South East Asia. On the desktop game, we can see where people are playing from, but the desktop is a completely different beast. The limitations will be removed on mobile so I expect that we will see more players playing. We will have fairly equal-spread marketing at the beginning and the focus will narrow as we move forward and have the data. Like I said, we are getting close. It’s nice to be able to see the game and play it on my phone. I’m using a OnePlus. I know that we got people with Samsungs, people with Google Pixels, and it’s working on those. So it does seem that at least on Android, it does not have any issues at this point in time. We haven’t had a phone that doesn’t work on yet, which is always good news.

That is the total of the questions that have come through. We have not a huge amount of people. Thank you, guys, for joining. If you do have anything to ask, feel free to request now.

I hope you will have a great week. Feel free to shoot us a message across in Telegram, Discord, Twitter, wherever. Always feel free to DM us as well. Our staff will never DM You first. Have a lovely week and we’ll see you here at the same time next week at the same place.

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