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The PKR token holds significant importance within our community, both in terms of financial investments and emotional attachment. While PKR is closely associated with Polker, it extends beyond being a mere utility token for the Polker Games ecosystem. In reality, PKR operates as an ecosystem in its own right.

The unveiling of our new website provides a sneak peek into the future potential of the PKR token, its utility, and the additional features it offers, which have not been extensively discussed before.

Here are three key takeaways from the new site:

1. Dual-Tokenomics: The utility of PKR goes beyond its applications within the Polker platform. This represents only one facet of its functionality. PKR is actively developing a secondary tokenomic structure as it progresses towards decentralization. The introduction of the first aspects of the “Non-Polker” tokenomics can be found in points 2 and 3.

2. PKR-DAO: Governance plays a vital role in the journey towards decentralization, and the voice of the community holds immense significance. It is not about centralized authority but rather about making decisions collectively. Through the PKR-DAO, individuals will have the opportunity to submit “PKR Improvement Proposals (PKR-IPs),” which will be subject to community voting weighted by PKR holdings. This system empowers the PKR community by gradually shifting the token’s utility towards community ownership—an aspect that has always been of great importance to us.

3. PKR-Foundation: To foster the growth and development of PKR’s utility, 5% of the PKR token supply will be allocated to the PKR Foundation. This allocation aims to facilitate the distribution of PKR tokens to individuals and companies that contribute to the token’s utility. For instance, if you have built a website that rewards users with PKR, you can apply for a grant from the foundation. We believe in ensuring that the utilization of PKR is widespread, equitable, and diverse. Consequently, if you create something that enhances the token’s utility, it is only fair that you receive compensation. The specifics of the grant amounts and distribution will eventually be governed by the DAO, completing the full circle of decentralization.

We are currently revising the whitepaper outlining the future vision for PKR, which will be made available on the new website in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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