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Although COVID-19 has steamrolled through most industries around the world, online poker has enjoyed admirable growth, like many other online-based sectors.

The pandemic period has brought a halt to so many things in the world. Simultaneously, regular and normal activities are now prohibited, except you’re an essential worker and have been granted permission by the government to walk freely and do your everyday routine.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed things’ dynamics, and our favorites words are now lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing. Early last year, most activities had to stop. When you go out, you are to observe guidelines lay down by the US government, such as wearing a face mask in public and using hand sanitizer.

We are assured of a vaccine, but things aren’t still back to normal as most countries are fighting against the second wave of Covid-19.

This Covid-19 pandemic has affected so many industries ranging from sport to the music industry. The casino and poker rooms are not left out either.

All live poker was brought to a standstill due to the covid-19 pandemic; even home poker has been brought to a halt. Live poker tournaments have been an enjoyable one in all poker rooms, which have created an avenue for so many other businesses around it.

Therefore, this brought about online poker. It’s only important that everyone learns to adapt to new ways of getting things done in this pandemic period. Some companies are doing remote jobs and working from their homes’ comfort to keep everyone safe and sound.

Online poker was introduced to replace live poker in significant areas of the state. It is essential to point out that online poker has been making waves as people who couldn’t go out of their homes to play live poker have concentrated on online poker to maintain their entertainment level.

This brought about more people playing online poker than has been seen in years. Now, we are seeing more people in terms of legal and regulated online poker.

This has also led to many poker players and poker lovers from different countries searching about online poker and where they could get to play it. Since most people are transitioning from live poker to online poker games worldwide, anyone can play it from anywhere in the world.

Though the online game is not the same as a live poker game, it’s still a substantial replacement to continue to do what one loves to do.


  • There is no error in deals.
  • Proper account for each player’s money, as there is no missing money.
  • All chips are stacked neatly.
  • There are no social miscues or room for disagreement.


  • It’s impossible to play cash games.
  • Limited to online poker variants offered online

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