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Live poker certainly didn’t escape the impact of the pandemic. For a game of skill that is distinguished by its physical, face-to-face play (as opposed to online poker), there was simply no way live poker could have escaped unscathed.

Who is not feeling the effect of the pandemic? It is safe to say that there is no one, group, or company that is not feeling the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, no one will be enjoying how things are because you can’t go out to catch fun or attend a party (this will attract a fine).

Therefore, our movement has been restricted. We could only go out if there is anything important that we need to get, albeit the government order.

The whole world was brought to a standstill a year ago, and it seems that this pandemic won’t leave any moment from now. This has led to the closure of many public activities and offices, which Live Poker is part of. Lovers of live poker tournaments haven’t had the opportunity to participate since the beginning of last year.

Live poker tournament has been put on hold in most parts of the country for over a year as COVID-19 continues to be a factor in how things shape up. But recently, towards the end of the year 2020 and early this year, live poker tournaments have been introduced back to the fore, though with a different level of reality.

Therefore, many live poker rooms all over the country remain shut down due to the social distancing challenges of poker in 2020. Poker rooms are now adapting to this new reality. Hopefully, this will be temporary with various policies to meet city and state requirements and keep its citizens safe.

Hence, as live poker is introduced to contain the pandemic’s effect, we also see the introduction of online poker, enabling a player to play poker online instead of a physical meeting and tournament.

Covid-19 has had a lot of effect on the industry as no one could meet physically without government sanction. One of the changes is that players have to use their face masks and probably get to bring most of the things they need. Instead of going out to eat at the restaurant, they rather bring it from home as no other business around the poker room is opened.

So many live poker rooms are opening now for activities with strict measures taken to cope with the effect of COVID and follow the guidelines that the government lays down.

Considering the local safety requirements, you will see why many casinos have chosen to focus on their casinos or slowly reopened their poker rooms.

Poker rooms are mandated by state law for only a specific number of tables based on space, which has led to shorter supply and longer wait times. Players are also required to wear masks within a casino, including in the poker room.


  • Adequate preparation to meet guidelines set by the government
  • Provision of hand sanitizer


  • Lack of excitement
  • Wearing face mask for longer periods

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