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Another Monday, another AMA with Polker’s Managing Director, Conor Thacker, live on Twitter spaces! Due to the fact that many of our community do not speak English as their native language, we have decided to re-continue the AMA re-caps here on Medium at your request

Question 1: Will there be more use-cases for PKR?

Implemented PKR Use-Cases

  • Staking Pools on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain — currently at 17.3% and 16.3% APY respectively. Stake PKR here!
  • Purchase of Polker’s PKR-Pass and in-game currency spades — buy here!

Upcoming PKR Use-Cases

  • Buy Back & Burn — Polker will run a buy back mechanism for PKR as a token. The details of the upcoming buy-back & burn mechanism can be seen here.
  • Mini-Games — Polker will develop simple P2E games which will allow users to earn PKR whilst playing. Players will have to hold a Polker NFT to be able to play!
  • PKR DAO — PKR will begin the move towards decentralization with community governance implementations. These will be run as ‘PKR Improvement Proposals’. The move governance is something we have been considering for a long time and work on this will begin now!

Question 2: Can Polker introduce locked staking pools?

This is a great question and something we have considered in the past. Having the option of long period lock-ups is something we will almost certainly implement with benefits such as earning an NFT or similar. The lock-up periods and decisions on how this will work will run through the above-mentioned PKR DAO. We want to ensure the community has a say on how the staking smart contracts are implemented!

Question 3: Can Polker implement ‘modular’ NFTs?

The available NFT smart contract standards for modular NFTs — more often referred to as fractional NFTs do not really work with how Polker functions.

At the beginning of each season, the total NFT number is finite — there can be no inflation on these. For example, if a total of 1000 NFTs were minted then all 1000 are set to be distributed by the end of the season. The dynamic chance of earning an NFT is dependent on how many players are opening chests. As more players join, the difficulty increases!

All Polker NFTs are fully customizable with accessories, which appear both graphically in-game and also on the NFTs’ metadata if they are withdrawn and traded on the secondary market!

If you have not yet joined our Community Launch then download the game now here! Questions? Reach out on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or contact us by email at

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