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The transcript from Monday’s AMA!

Good afternoon. Welcome to another Monday Polker AMA. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. This is Conor here again right. We have had quite a few questions come through on Discord and Telegram over the past few days as well as Twitter, so we will be answering them.

I saw some fun questions in this time, a little bit different than the normal ones so I am looking forward to answering them.

From Ger4soul, What is the biggest problem that Polker faced in the past and if it was solved?

It’s a good question. I would not say it was a problem. We were building the game on Unreal Engine 4 in 2021. I think that the decision to overhaul the entire game and rebuild on Unreal Engine 5. That was probably the biggest company decision that has been made. There are huge differences between Unreal Engine 4 and 5. It’s not like, you know, a small update. There is a massive difference in how the entire game is working, but the benefits that we’ve gotten from this, massively outweigh the challenges that we have faced — the graphics that we are displaying both the 3D visual effects, everything that we are doing with in Unreal. I think that the move from unreal 4 to 5 was the biggest challenge that we faced, and definitely the biggest challenge that we 100% overcome.

What is the biggest challenge Polker will face over the coming 6 years when the token becomes inflationary?

I don’t have the stats right in front of me but I would guess around 20% locked. Theoretically, we have have a max cap of 1 billion, so we cannot be inflationary over the max cap. However, majority of those tokens are locked. We have the buyback and burn revenue coming in, so we will be buying back from the market. 50% of the buyback will be burned, that will lead to deflation on that side. Also, with the introduction of the Polker DAO, we’ll have votes on consensus, which may include burning of X percent of tokens.

Crypto is probably the fastest-moving industry I’ve ever seen. In six years, it would be hard to say where we would be at that point but I don’t think inflation of the PKR token is going to be an issue at all.

If Polker had a theme song, what would it be?

This is a very interesting question. I would really like in my head, that every user can choose their own style. Maybe they wanted to go in there and listen to Ludovico playing, or to have Rammstein blasting. I do think at the beginning we will stick to sort of a more traditional approach with gaming music, something a bit upbeat, but I do feel that having user options is something that we would like to add down the Line. Music is such a personal thing. The game has the soundtracks for the VFX and everything. However, when it comes to the background music, I do believe that there’s no reason why in the future, we can’t give the users the option to select between a few choices, at least.

So we have another question. That was kind of more of a comment from a few weeks ago, from Tautvydas. They said that in the AMA two weeks ago, you said, you’d give some information on game development on either Wednesday or Friday. They didn’t hear this in the AMA and just kind of wanted some clarification on of where we’re at with that.

We are still having Quinel go through the penetration testing on our game servers, back-end servers, and getting the reports on them. I know that we are slightly behind the deadline of when we wanted to release it in March. However, security needs to be our priority at this point. As soon as we have the green lights from Quinel and all of the reports are good to go, then we happy to put it forward. I don’t want to give a date at this point in time because like I’m not in control of what they are doing.

They are third-party pen testing company. That is that is what they do. We want to make sure that when we do launch again, there is an absolutely no risk from any vector attacks on the game itself, on the blockchain side, and on the game side. So far everything has come back good, but they are still testing. As soon as everything is here, then I’m happy that we can give a day to put this forward, but I don’t want to give it to you right now until I have that, because I don’t know if they’re going to be done tomorrow or give us a report next week. If there are any fixes that we need to make, they will be minor. Perhaps there are none, in which case as soon as we get the reports, I can give the date and we can move forward and release it, but like I said they haven’t completed it yet.

Given the delays (I don’t know if only technical or also developmental), by any chance have some misunderstandings arisen within the team? I mean the heart of the team (developers, graphic designers, etc.) or is the group always united? Maybe this information could reassure the community

This is a really cool question. The company to be honest as one of the most cohesive I’ve worked with, whether you’re looking at the back end, which is run by Alex; we have Monique as project manager there, and Jesse literally looking over everything. We have a lot of talented developers with a lot of great ideas, a lot of good input. I would say that yes the group is always united. We are an international team so we do make sure that there are people online at various times every single day between Monday and Friday. That means that there is a meeting with all developers from back-end to 3D design to the front end. Every part of the game are on the scrum at the same time every every day and it is funny. it’s a good environment. I would say 100%, we’re not having any issues within the team.

So we’ve got two people on Discord asking about the beta NFT.

Thank you for bringing that up. Originally, you’d be able to port them into the game but they would have no practical utility. We are going to give them a lot of utility, so they can be used in the game, they will bring benefits. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time to ensure that it works. I do apologize it won’t be coming in a couple of weeks; it will be after the release. They will have a lot more functionality, a lot more fun features than people expect. I am not going to give everything away, but they will be the only collection of 500 NFTs that can work on maps that are not their own. There will be a lot of surprises on how they work in adventure mode and what they are bringing. I know it is a little bit longer than we anticipated, but we are working on it. We have a great idea of how we’ are going to implement it. The back-end team has the code, it is just a list of priorities. So hopefully that’s some really good news for the beta testers.

Would the patents you mention give a uniqueness to the project? In the future, will there be projects similar to Polker?

The patents that we hold are actually quite unique and quite impressive. They’re not implemented in the current build of the game. Obviously, they are our patents, and are registered under PKR.IO They are something that I think will be quite unique and are missing quite a lot within the blockchain space. So down the line, as we move towards a more decentralized nature, I do see a big use for using them, also for other projects to actually utilize the patents that we hold. So keep your eye out for that, at least, we have them. Using them is definitely something that we’re looking into.

Franco Dorsi had a question on telegram regarding the graphics on the launcher and if they were up to date?
I was aware of the issue where one of the launcher Graphics was still displaying the staking extension on March 25th. The launcher has been updated. You may need to restart the game, completely close it, and open it. Once it updates, you will see that it will no longer display that. We will make sure that we maintain the graphics in order and keep an eye on those. Apologies on that one. I know a lot of the devs are focusing hard on Quinel but we will ensure that the graphics on the launcher will match what we’re doing in real life as well.

And final question. The original release date for the platform was over a month ago (if i recall correctly). Can we have some updates?

I think that was already covered. As soon as we have all of the feedback from Quinel that there are no security issues and that everything is good to go there, then I will be able to give the day that we can push this game out to the public. We have been testing the tournament mode and it is absolutely great. Everything is good fun and it works well. It is not going to be a long wait. You’re not going to be waiting until October. This is just going to be a couple of weeks. As soon as I have a date for you, I will let you know but I don’t want to give a date and then miss so just bear with us.

Can we move the eta NFT to a metal mask and a private wallet?
Yep, the beta NFT will be fully withdrawable just like any of the other Polker NFTs. They could then be traded in the Marketplace, on OpenSe and anywhere else.

Where are you working on the poker mobile? Has it started and in which quarter will the mobile version be released?

We have actually begun the work on the mobile side mainly on the wire frames for the design part of it. I would still expect the release to be around quarter but yes the design side is being functioned. The wireframes are there from the UI teams. There is a lot of work,

moving Unreal onto Android and IOS but they are in development. As soon as we have the Windows game out here, the first priority is going to be to make sure that we have the Mac release. The work has actually started on the mobile and as soon as the Mac game is released, then the priority will be both IOS and Android. I do believe we’re still on target to hit Q4 this year.

At this point, I’m going to open it up to see if anyone wants to request to speak and ask anything directly or pop in your final last-minute questions as well. And if there’s anything, of course Conor that we want to share or any things that are going on. I know we got the gameplay Saturdays, which were relaunched two weeks ago.

Every Saturday, we have some of the team playing as well and it’s a chance for everyone to jump on at the same time. So if you do want to play with some of the staff then just jump on the game, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. UTC.

Other things, we want to announce that we will also be speaking at an event in Italy, with more details on that coming soon. We are currently working alongside Epic Games store to have the game actually directly downloadable through the epic game store as well.

There are quite a lot of things going on in the background as well as the development. Quite exciting times looking forward to what’s coming in the next week or two, but I don’t want to give too much away at this point in time.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week. As always, if you do have any questions or any queries, just bring it up on social media. Join us on Telegram, Twitter, Discord. You can ask the question directly, we will answer you there. If you want us to answer in the AMA, we will be here, same time next week. Hopefully join us on Saturday. If you have the time, it is a bit of fun. Looking forward to sharing more news with you in the near future.

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