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It’s officially May and to start the Month we have had another great AMA answering questions from our community!

As we promised, here is the re-cap for those who missed it yesterday or would like to have it in text. Remember you can join in and ask questions every Monday and 11am EDT / 4pm on Twitter spaces here!

Question 1: Is there the risk of losing some of the few exchanges? Such as a parameter in drastic decline?

I believe this is a fair question because a lot of exchanges are delisting a lot of tokens, especially during bear markets. There are three main things that they are looking for. First are obviously scams — rug pulls, which we’re not doing and will never be doing. The second thing that they’re looking for is active development. A lot of teams during the bear market completely stopped working on their product. And then if neither of those two, the last thing is trading volume. If trading volume is low, the first thing they’ll do is check if the team is still working, that the product is still in development, and that obviously there’s no scam.

We’re still in communication with all the exchanges that we are listed on. I don’t see that there is any risk for us being delisted. And if that was the case, they would contact us way before they got to the point of delisting. So I would say with 99.99% certainty, there’s not even a chance. But we’d be very aware before it got to that point and be able to rectify it before we were removed.

Question 2: Among all the collaborations, is there any in particular of fundamental importance that the project hopes to obtain (be it a video game company, various companies, etc.)?

I would say there’s no specific company that we’re like, okay, we want to have partnerships with these people at this point in time. I think our existing partnerships and agreements with Polygon are going to become quite useful down the line. Obviously, we’re one of the first people really utilizing some of the technology between the ERC -1155 NFTs with exchangeable metadata so that’s going to be something that as a gaming product will be of utmost importance to us. You know this industry is changing very fast so we’re looking into the gaming communities, gaming companies. Obviously, we are looking to probably work closer with Epic Games. We are currently in the process of working with the Epic Game store team. We are keeping an eye on the industry, the community as well, but I’d say where we are right now, looking at Epic Games, and Polygon will be our two biggest points and upcoming things.

Question 3: Is your marketing mentality more active or passive? I.e. is your idea to spread the existence of Polker hoping that someone notices you, or do you go looking for them?

I would say at the current point that we’re more passive. Once we have the full game released, running on Windows…then at that point we’ll take a much more active approach. Putting money into active marketing is a relatively expensive thing to be doing. So making sure that we have all of our ducks in a row before we start is the best way to do this. And we will be bringing in the mobile development teams that are going to be starting sooner than planned. So you know, the demographic that we’re going to be marketing to needs to be chosen very carefully at this point. We were very active in 2021. And we’ll probably be moving again from passive to active over the coming months.

Question 4: Since you have recently talked about DAO, based on the current tokenomics, and its division, wouldn’t there be a risk of having an unfair vote? Because even if it is true that only a part of the tokens is designated to the team, tokens intended for marketing and development are always managed by you.

No company tokens have been unlocked so there are no tokens owned by the development, marketing or team. This is going to remain that way for now. Once any of those tokens are unlocked, and moved to any team or anything, the company and employees will not have any allowance to vote. So obviously, it’s on-chain voting; it will be fully transparent if you suddenly see one vote and 10% of the tokens supply it would be obvious. No, the company and any employee of Polker will not be allowed to use their personal tokens, and the company 100% won’t be using our own tokens to vote because that would destroy any point in us doing this. If you look at most projects, even the most recent ones, like Arbitrum who just did the token drop for their network. The Arbitrum Foundation and the company themselves hold a huge percentage of the tokens, but they’re working as a DAO — across most platforms, the rules are that the company can’t vote so we’ll keep this as transparent as we can. If that was the case 100% the companies behind them, it wouldn’t be a community vote. So at this point in time, it is not possible because we haven’t actually moved any of the tokens but yes, down the line, we will ensure that there is no bias. Polker will not be participating in governance of the project.

Question 5: How did you get to the upcoming summit in Italy? Was it through an acquaintance, invitation, etc.? It may seem like a trivial question, but it will help us understand a little more the hype that revolves around PKR.

Yeah, this is also a good question. The Italian summit was by invitation. Part of the organizers are people that are known to us so they’ve invited us to come along to the event. I haven’t met the events group yet in person but I will be meeting them on Thursday evening to talk to them about future events as well. This was a personal invite to Polker to come and actually have some insight into Europe. We haven’t really attended any events in Europe. It’s always been in the US, Canada, and the Americas so I think it’s nice for us to get some insight into the European market and spread our word as a lot of our users are from Europe.

Thank you, Salvo, for your insightful questions, and we look forward to more next week!

Question 6: Why don’t you organize AMAs with other crypto currency officials? It will give you free marketing and will lead to growth.

Yeah, this is something that we’ve done in the past on other people’s AMAs. We’ve jumped in on those. The main reason we stopped is that a lot of AMAs were just people joining to earn tokens. The reason I removed that from our marketing plan is it does seem to create massively inflated user numbers of people who are only there to earn tokens. I really like the fact that we’re running this AMA for anyone who is here because they want to learn about Polker — they have genuine questions for us. A lot of other projects are still running it the other way. So going on, yes, it gives us some visibility, and exposure but it’s hard to tell whether the user numbers are just joining to receive tokens from the project or whether they are genuinely there to learn. I have considered inviting people onto our AMA. It’s something that I do believe that we will do. I would say, we’ll wait for the game to be released. I know there’s a few people lined up that I’d like to bring on. And that’s something that we could definitely start with.

Question 7: As you said, the marketing will be done after the launch of the full game. Does the team have enough funds for marketing, listing and further development? How will these expenses be met as we know there’s very little revenue from the token due to the bear market?

We are one of the few projects that even in the bull market and bear market, we haven’t ever sold a token to fund the project. This project has been entirely funded through the original token sales and then self-funded. We haven’t sold any tokens, so the price isn’t too relevant to us at this point. We will have the funds available. We don’t want to be spending $80,000 on a 12 minute video from some shady crypto influencer, (which is genuinely what the prices are). So obviously, we have to make sure that the processes behind where we’re spending the money are done very carefully. But yes, we will be able to continue with the funding on this and that budget has been put aside. It’s just timing. Timing is everything right now!

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