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It’s coming to the end of Q4 2022 and we promised that we would have the game out for you — and we will ensure that we stick to it. Our development team has rebuilt the game on Unreal Engine 5 from the ground up this year — moving away from the UE4 game we had orginally. We promised an impressive experience, and we are delivering that.

January 2nd — Community Launch!

The game will go public on the 2nd of January 2023, this means anyone will be able to download, register, play, and begin the journey that we are creating — no more whitelisting, the game will be on our website for all to download.

Although the game will be public, we are releasing it in phases. On the 2nd, everyone will be able to register and play on Map 1 with all play-to-earn features live and in action.

We will continue to request that bugs are reported; it’s an inevitable aspect of all games and although we strive for perfection — we need your help to get there! Bugs can be reported here.

Remember we have the game guide here too!

There will be some cool features and new aspects added after January 2nd! In February, we will allow access to move to Map 2 and add the Platinum PKR Pass option. We will also be starting a large marketing campaign during this time… why?

23/03/23 — Polker Season One Full Launch

The date to remember, 23/03/23 — This is the day to mark in your calendars. We will be launching the entire Season one, with access to all ten maps, the NFTs, and introducing the Diamond PKR Pass! We will also have the tournaments enabled so not only can you sit and play — you can compete!

23/03/23 will allow time for a heavy marketing campaign, and also time to build a solid user base as the game will be live to the public from January.

In the spirit of the season, Polker also wants to thank our community for everything, including community content! It has been a difficult year for the blockchain industry but you never gave up, and neither will we. Community content is always appreciated, and the following was excellent — keep your eyes peeled for our community content competition coming soon too!

Check it out here!

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