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What is the role of $PKR in

$PKR plays an important role in the PKR ecosystem as the utility token that powers the project.

Polker Game & $PKR’s Utility


  • Henry Boersma says:

    Cant wait

  • Henry Boersma says:

    I love playing Poker cant wait to start and earn and collect NFTs

  • Rob VH says:

    What are the different buy in levels? This post mentions that 5 USD is the lowest level but doesn’t say where to look to find out about the remaining tiers.

    • polker says:

      We believe the lowest level to get in on the pass is the most important, as it sets the baseline for the others.
      Currently our idea is as follows
      Bronze: 5
      Silver: 15
      Gold: 45
      Platinum: 150
      Diamond: 500
      This is a rough estimate currently but as come closer to game launch we will certainly have more solidified numbers.

  • Krishantha Madusanka says:

    Very good 👍. Best game 🎮 i loveeeee.

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