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With Polker’s Early Access in full swing, we have decided it’s time to explain more about our PKR Passes for the play-to-earn system!


Currently, in the Early Access release players are able to buy PKR Passes in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Log in, connect your wallet (MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc.), and buy it with PKR — Simple!


As the play-to-earn model is not active in the Early Access game, the passes have limited benefits — however, anyone with the PKR Pass now will have it permanently. You only need to purchase them once!


Once the full game is released we will also launch our highest tiers, Platinum, and Diamond. These are the highest tier of PKR Pass and with that have some exclusive attributes — the Diamond Pass even comes with a bonus NFT alongside all the other benefits!


Now, the passes don’t just give you access to the play-to-earn system, there is much more to them! From increased daily play chips, and discounts in our marketplace, to multipliers on PKR-X purchases — and that is just the beginning! Below is a comparison chart showing all five tiers and the benefits you will get by owning the PKR Pass whilst playing!

If you have not yet joined our Early Access Release then get in touch with one of our staff and they will guide you through the process! Reach out on telegram, twitter, or contact us by email at
Please note that this is tentative and subject to change before the full release.
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