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We have been offering PKR staking on Ethereum since September 25th 2021 and on Binance Smart Chain since 25th of December 2021. However, the staking pools were due to end on the 25th of March. Since we are moving solidly along with the Early Access and the game is in the very final stages of development — we will be extending both for another 3 months!


If you already have your PKR staked in either the BSC or the ETH pool you don’t have to withdraw and redeposit — the staking contract will be extended automatically and you will continue to accumulate PKR tokens!


Why only 3 months?


Will we be extending again after 3 months? The answer is most probably yes. To prove our dedication to the project, our community, and the overall crypto ecosystem, we revised our tokenomics and have extended the lock on our tokens. For this reason, we will be able to add tokens and extend the pools on a rolling 3-month basis. This might seem convoluted, but actually works out beneficial for you who are staking as it allows us the option to increase the number of tokens we add to the pool in the future!


More PKR for our community? Yes, please!


Where can I stake my PKR?


PKR can be staked here on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. There are currently around 30 million PKR tokens locked between the two staking pools. Current APYs are 19% on BSC and 29% on Ethereum at the time of writing.



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