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Well, it’s time we give you guys a bit of an update of what’s going on behind the scenes!

We have been working hard on the development to ensure that we deliver the absolute best game on the market — and we are proud that we believe that we have done it!

First, something special has come through for us finally from PKR! We’ve already had two patents approved from — but finally, we can remove the “pending” from PKR’s True Random Number Generator (TRNG)! We’ve been waiting for over a year for this — but our on-chain random number generation technology is now fully approved.

Patent Application PCT/US21/49700 — APPROVED!

This is a huge achievement that the entire team is extremely proud of, and we are looking forward to using’s fully patented technology within Polker in the future!

The Future of Polker!

Our current roadmap is slightly outdated, and we are aware of that. In the coming days, we will have it updated so that everyone knows what to expect — but we promised the public release in Q4, and we are on track to have that ready for you!

  • October 15th

We have shown you in our teaser video which I’ll link below what we have been working on — but soon some lucky people will get to test it! It’s going to be a small focus group of around 20 community members that we have selected, each one will receive both a small financial reward as well as it being visible in the game (Medal/Badge) that they were part of what I have called the ‘Golden Team’ — our first Unreal Engine 5 Beta Testers!

The members have been selected via both dedication to the project, specs for their machines, and various other things — if you are not chosen as part of the ‘Golden Team’ it’s nothing personal as we can’t have everyone.

  • November 1st

Early Access Team gets an upgrade! Everyone who is currently in our Early Access will be able to use their accounts on our new game. No longer will you have to be stuck in the UE4 Client — You’ll be able to play our game on Unreal Engine 5, and you’ll be able to play 24/7!

If you have not yet joined our Early Access Release then get in touch with one of our staff and they will guide you through the process! Reach out on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, or contact us by email at

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