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We here at Polker are so appreciative of our community! Even with the current market condition and crypto taking a brief dive, our community members have been steadfast in their loyalty to our project – just as we have been committed to our game’s development! To celebrate our loyal followers and fans, Polker is excited to announce a fun competition we will be hosting on Twitter over the next 60 days. We have a winning pot of 100,000 PKR tokens! Which we will give out over the length of the competition. 

To enter, a contestant must:

1. Follow us on Twitter 

 2. Join our Discord server and Telegram chat (only needed once for the full duration of the competition)

 3. Tweet about Polker and our project using the hashtag #polkertothemoon 

 4. Retweet the daily post going out regarding our competition and tag 3 friends

Every day, one winner will be chosen at random from all of the entries from that day. The winner will be asked to choose any number between 1-60. (If a number has already been picked in a past winning, the winner will be asked to pick another number.) Each number has a predetermined amount of $PKR allocated. Once the winner chooses the number, we will send the $PKR directly to the winner’s wallet. 

The competition will begin on Monday, April 25th and will go on until June 24th. Contestants can enter as many times as they like, and winners can win more than once. However, if a contestant wins once, they cannot win again for 7 days. 

Winners will be announced the next day between 10-10:30AM EST on our Twitter page and Telegram group and will have 24 hours to claim their prize by contacting Tanya via Telegram. If the winning goes unclaimed, the next day’s winner will be able to pick two numbers. Contestants can enter every day for the highest chance of winning some $PKR.

*Rules have been edited and updated to be more clear and concise*

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