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Firstly, a big thank you to all of our loyal community members for sticking by us for so long. We really do appreciate it, you’ve been there through thick and thin, and your support is truly appreciated by everyone here — from the operations team, the dev team, and everyone in management. Polker understands that although we try to be transparent, we can’t always communicate everything at the speed that the community demands. Sometimes, it’s better to wait for the appropriate time to make announcements, and sometimes decisions need to be made to ensure we don’t go back on our word.


So, after careful careful deliberations, we have decided upon the following..


Polker Migrates To Unreal Engine Five!


When we started building Polker, Unreal Engine 4 was the right choice. Now with Unreal Engine 5 proving to be a step into an entire new world of possibilities, we have decided not to miss out on the opportunity to have the full release on Unreal Engine 5. This allows us much more impressive graphics, and we mean impressive, it also allows much more design features from our end, and with future updates from Unreal it will allow us a lot of possibilities Unreal 4 would not have. Unreal Engine 5 moves Polker from an A game to an AAA game.


This does mean we will be postponing the release from Q2 2022.


There is logic behind this plan other than just “Unreal 5”. It was a hard decision but with the current market conditions, it is simply not the time to release a play-to-earn NFT project of this caliber. It’s not just Unreal 5, we will use this time to work on some of the more detailed features of the game, such as:


  • Full Tournament Modes (STT & MTT)
  • Full Play-to-Earn System (Scraps, Keys, Chests, Accessories, NFTS, etc.)
  • NFT Merging Implementation
  • NFT Dressing Room (NFT customization both in-game and on-chain)
  • Dedicated Table Option (Private Tables — invite-only as chosen by creator)
  • Much more!


So for those waiting for a Q2 full game, we are sorry that you will have to wait. However, we hope that everyone understands that for the project to succeed long-term this was the right choice to make.

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